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Vintage Watch Mechanism Cufflinks

These beautiful intricate mechanism cufflinks are the most popular design we sell, the detail is stunning and will grab the attention of co-workers and friends who won't be able to keep their eye off them.

They have a unique shape due to the small watches they come from and measure at:

W 18mm x H 13mm x D 22mm



Braced Mechanism Cufflinks

The Braced Mechanism Cufflinks are called so as they have bracing across the main components which is unique to this mechanism and gives it an more engineered look.

They are also slightly harder to get hold of and measure at:

W 18mm x H 16mm x D 23mm



Large Round Mechanism Cufflinks

These cufflinks are slightly larger than the above but smaller than the Automatic Watch Mechanism Cufflinks and show all the intricate details you would expect from a vintage wind up watch.

They are perfect if you want a medium size cufflink but nice and flat to the cuff, they measure in at:

W 20mm x H 20mm x D 21mm



Automatic Watch Mechanism Cufflinks

If you want something completely different that will stand out from the crowd and make your friends, family and colleagues stop and admire, the Automatic Watch Mechanism Cufflinks will absolutely do that. The centre weight swings with any movement and will draw everybody's attention, they are slightly bigger measuring at:

W 22mm x H 22mm x D 24mm



Watch Parts in Resin Cufflinks

Truly Eye Catching cufflinks and a great use of the small pieces of watch left over, these clever cuffs hold very tiny and intricate parts which have been put aside, they include wheels, cogs, screws, hands and more, they are covered in resin and polished to give a high shine. Each pair is absolutely one of kind!


Measuring at:

W 15mm x H 15mm x D 21mm