Commission Work

Do you have a watch which means alot to you but you'll never wear?


Small Ridge jewellery is amazing, it has history

before you've even bought it, every piece is unique

and absolutely one off but if you want to make it

more special I can also do Commission Work where

I will take one or more of your own watches or a relatives and create something truly personal. If you have only one watch, as long as it is wind up I can take it apart and turn it into a Lapel Pin, Ring, simple Brooch Pin or even a Mechanism Necklace dependant on its size.

If you have multiple, I can create Cufflinks with the mechanism and with the remaining faces I can either create a beautiful Watch Face Necklace, Bracelet or Earrings which means you can take that special watch with you where ever you go.

Please feel free to message me below or using

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